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Pomelo Blossoms

● Introduction:

Madou District is known for the Wundan pomelos. The pomelo trees bloom every March, spreading the refreshing fragrance of its blossoms throughout the entire city. Travelers can walk along the pomelo gardens and footpaths for an aromatic and visually pleasing experience.


Pomelo Blossoms


● Agricultural and folk event - Pomelo Blossoms

The Madou District Office will host a 2-week long Pomelo Blossom event every March. Although the flowering season is relatively short, the natural aromas provide a most enchanting experience.

Innovative ideas and elements from the local region were added to the pomelo blossoms event to create an atmosphere of wonderful aroma, prospects of bountiful harvests, and great joy. The trees, filled with small white pomelo blossoms, also attract numerous visitors and photographers. Pomelo fruits will begin developing after flowering. Pomelo flower aromas can also be blended into coffee and desserts to represent the residents' wishes for a bountiful harvest. The aroma symbolises the joy derived from hard work and toil, giving yet another layer of meaning to the fragrance of the pomelo flower.


● Introduction:

During the late years of Emperor Daoguang's reign, Guo Yao (some may call him Guo Tinghui), a resident of Mailang Zhai located at the Wangzu Miaojiao (Ancestral Temple corner) took some pomelos from his hometown in Anding and planted them in his garden. After several years, the trees flowered and produced some fruits. In addition to its original advantages, the fruits grown in Taiwan assumed a softer texture and sweeter juice that gave rise to a more unique flavor. The Governor General of Min-Guang (Fujian and Guangdong provinces) thus offered these pomelos grown in Madou as a tributary gift for the Cing Emperor, an act that helped to fuel its widespread fame. When the Japanese occupied Taiwan, the pomelos grown by the Guo Clan were selected as Imperial Tributary Items and offered to the Japanese Emperor, further cementing its international reputation. Modern Madou resembles a large fruit orchard. Pomelo orchards and the fragrant aroma of pomelo blossoms create an atmosphere that serves as the perfect retreat for visitors.


● Agricultural and folk event - Wendan Festival

When mid-autumn festival approaches, the pomelo trees will be heavily laden with golden-green pomelos, joyfully announcing that the fruits are ready for harvest.

Local and district residents are particularly involved in the event and are engaged in great enthusiasm (as though they're preparing for a wedding). Pomelo farmers would personally explain how the pomelos are grown so that visitors could witness the pomelos up close and appreciate the process of tending to the pomelo trees.

Another famous feature would be the Wundan Brigade. Measuring 1.5 meters in height, these Wundan troopers are for the protection of the Wundan pomelos of Tainan. Their cute yet tough appearance has attracted many visitors who would travel specifically to this location to look at them. The troopers symbolise the unity of the Wundan pomelo industry in the Greater Tainan region as well as the dreams of future expansions and creations of new opportunities. For details of the activities, please logon to the Wo Ai Madou - Wo Ai You (I love Madou - I Love Pomelo) Facebook fans group.