About Madou

Resident information

Public Agency

Name Address Telephone
Madou Land Office
No. 26, Singguo Road, Madou District 06-572-5753
Madou District Household Registration Office No. 35, Jhonghua Street, Madou District 06-572-2105
Madou Health Center No. 11-1, Singguo Road, Madou District 06-572-2215
Madou Dispatch Office No. 6, Singguo Road, Madou District 06-572-2031
Madou Fire Department No. 9, Singguo Road, Madou District 06-572-2440
Madou Motor Vehicles Service Station No. 551, Sinsheng North Road, Beishih Village, Madou District 06-572-3181
Nan-Ying Zong-Yeh Arts and Cultural Center No. 5, Zong-Yeh, Nanshih Village, Madou District 06-571-8123


Name Address Telephone
Pei-Wen Elementary School
No. 11, Heping Road, Madou District 06-572-2169
Madou Elementary School
No. 18, Wenchang Road, Madou District 06-572-2145
Dashan Elementary School
No. 1, Dashanjiao, Dashan Village, Madou District 06-570-1374
Wen Jheng Elementary School
No. 86, Nanshih Village, Madou District 06-572-2168
Anye Elementary School
No. 113, Andong Village, Madou District 06-572-2261
Ji An Elementary School
No. 231, Ji An Village, Madou District 06-572-2306
Bei Shih Elementary School
No. 15, Beishih Village, Madou District 06-572-2844
Gang Wei Elementary School
No. 9, Neighborhood 5, Gangwei Village, Madou District 06-570-1341
Tainan Municipal Madou Junior High School
No. 36, Nanshih Village, Madou District 06-572-2128
Li Ming High School
No. 141, Jhuanjing Village, Madou District 06-571-7123
National Zeng-Wun Senior Home Economics & Commercial Vocational High School
No. 9, Heping Road, Madou District 06-572-2079
National Zeng-Wun Senior Agricultural & Industrial Vocational School No. 1, Nanshih Village, Madou District 06-572-1137
Aletheia University No. 70-11, Beishihliao, Beishi Village, Madou District 06-570-3100
Taiwan Shoufu University No. 168, Nanshih Village, Madou District 06-571-8629

Financial institutions

Name Address Telephone
First Bank, Madou Branch
No. 12, Singjhong Road, Madou District 06-572-9901
Hua Nan Bank, Madou Branch No. 36, Jhongshan Road, Madou District 06-572-7241
King's Town Bank, Madou Branch No. 83, Jhongshan Road, Madou District 06-572-1117
Madou District Farmer's Association No. 56, Sinsheng North Road, Youche Village, Madou District 06-572-2369


Name Address Telephone
Sin Lou Hospital, Madou District
No. 20, Lingzilin, Madou District 06-570-1430
Hetian Clinic
No. 14-2, Sinyi Road, Madou District 06-571-6513
Dr. Yu-feng Chiu's Clinic
No. 142, Singjhong Road, Madou District 06-572-4558
Wenshan Internal Medicine Clinic
No. 197, Singjhong Road, Madou District 06-571-1365
Liren Clinic
No. 2-6, Sanmin Road, Madou District 06-572-1115
Gong An Clinic No. 36-2, Singguo Road, Madou District 06-572-0857
Dr. Lin Li-jhong's Clinic No. 28-1, Singnan Road, Madou District 06-571-8816
Jhu An Surgical Clinic No. 1-8, Bo'ai Road, Madou District 06-572-4427
Dr. Guo Hung-wun's Dermatology Clinic No. 129, Guangfu Road, Madou District 06-571-1123
Dr. Jhiang's ENT Clinic No. 34-13, Sinyi Road, Madou District 06-571-3336
Dr. Jhe-pin's ENT Clinic No. 16-1, Singguo Road, Madou District 06-571-3511
Taihe Dental Clinic
No. 32-3, Jhonghua Street, Madou District 06-572-0986
Mingren Dental Clinic No. 89, Jhongshan Road, Madou District 06-571-3689
Shoujia Dental Clinic No. 8, Wunchang Road, Madou District
Zengwun Dental Clinic No. 6, Jhongshan Road, Madou District 06-572-2987
Dr. Wei-siang's Pediatric Clinic No. 29-8, Singguo Road, Madou District 06-571-2602
Weiren Pediatric Clinic No. 1, Sanmin Road, Madou District 06-571-7358
Dr. Lin's Ophthalmology Clinic No. 23-27, Jhongsiao Road, Madou District 06-571-9118
Tongrentang Chinese Medicine Clinic No. 13, Ren Ai Road, Madou District 06-571-9888
Bao Antang Chinese Medicine Clinic
No. 100, Singjhong Road, Madou District 06-572-7786
Jhaocing Chinese Medicine Clinic
No. 42, Jhongshan Road, Madou District 06-572-4411
Shenghui Chinese Medicine Clinic
No. 43-2, Mincuan Road, Madou District 06-571-0168
Madou Happy Clinic No. 43-3, Minquan Road, Madou District 06-571-4606
Hui An Chinese Medicine Clinic No. 184-1, Singjhong Road, Madou District 06-571-5719
Dr. Liao Heng-hui's ENT Clinic No.167 -14, Jhongshan Road, Madou District 06-571-0688
Jie An Dental Clinic No. 184-4, Singjhong Road, Madou District 06-571-5661
Yiyou Physical Rehabilitation and Family Medicine Clinic No. 12-13, Sinyi Road, Madou District 06-571-5811