District office

Organization and Positions

Organization and Administration


District Chief

Telephone: 5722405
Extension: 202, 203


Chief Secretary

Chief Secretary:
Telephone: 571-2311
Extension: 113, 114
Extension: 204


General Affairs Section

In charge of documentation, seals, records, routine affairs, meetings, billings, evaluation and research, information, legal affairs, public relations, and other affairs that are not section specific.

Hotline: 5719468
5711157 (General Affairs)
Telephone extensions: 115, 116, 129, 132, 130, 131 (General Affairs)


Civil affairs, Community and Cultural Section

In charge of autonomous administration, elections, district-level disaster prevention and relief, management of village activity centers, promote environmental health and sanitation, mediation services, funeral services, folk customs and religious rituals, ancestor worship guilds, military service administration, land administration, 37.7% arable rent reduction, civil defense, non-urban land control, indigenous and Hakka affairs, library management, national education, sports, culture and arts, community art, celebrations and festivals, heritage sites and historical documents, tourism promotion and other civil administration and cultural affairs.

Telephone: 5712235
5723448 (Mediation Room)
Extensions: 107, 108, 123, 124, 133
Telephone: 5711158
Extension: 208, 209, 210


Social Affairs Section

In charge of social administration, social support, social welfare, emergency and disaster rescue, support for low (medium-low) income households, National Health Insurance, counseling for community support association, homeless services, community care centers, charity, victim shelters and settlement, exemptions for National Pension, employment announcements, and other social administration tasks.


Hotline: 5716881
5714213 (National Health Insurance hotline)
Extensions: 109, 110, 111, 112, 128


Agricultural and Construction Section

In charge of investigation and management of agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fisheries, promotion of agriculture, civil engineering, traffic management, water and road construction, building construction, maintenance engineering, street lamps and road trees management, construction and maintenance of sports venues and activity centers, investigation and reporting of illegal buildings, park maintenance and management, parking lots management, industry and business management, and other agricultural and construction affairs.


Telephone: 5713507
Extensions: 102, 103, 104, 105, 125
Telephone: 5721094
Extension: 117, 118, 119, 120, 121, 122


Personnel Office

In charge of organisational structure, promotions and transfers, delegation of responsibilities, performance assessment and assignments, bonus and penalty assessments, training and further studies, monitoring staff absence and work attendance, salary and welfare, retirement pensions, severance, and other HR issues.


Telephone: 5714705
Extensions: 215, 216, 219


Accounting Office

Annual budget, accounting, and statistics

Telephone: 5714479
Extensions: 205, 206, 217


Civil Service Ethics Office

he following lists the responsibilities for this role:
1. Promotes ethical governance and social participation.
2. Stipulates, promotes, and implements ethical government orders and preventive measures.
3. Stipulates, promotes, and implements ethical governance and recommends reforms.
4. Handles declaration of assets owned by civil servants, recusal for conflicts of interest, and other ethical governance activities.
5. Handles of corruption and illegal activities associated with government agencies.
6. Checks and reviews official affairs vulnerable to unethical behaviors.
7. Handles and coordinates of information associated with confidential activities implemented by the agency.
8. Handles and coordinates of measures for maintaining agency security.
9. Deals with other activities associated with civil ethics.


Telephone: 5721705
Extension: 214