District office

Madou Public Library

Address: Floors 3-4, No. 11, Singguo Road, Madou District, Tainan City 721
Telephone: 06-5729007#13

Madou Public Library is located in downtown Madou at the intersection of Singguo Road and Singnan Road. The library building was completed in 1988, and consists of four stories and one basement floor. The main purpose of the library is to provide an archive of books and to serve as a cultural museum. The first floor is a gallery of local cultural features with a diversity of different exhibits every now and then, making it the perfect place for people to bask in a cultured atmosphere to nurture their knowledge. The 3rd and 4th floors would be the actual library, which provide readers with a diversified range of books and a cozy reading environment.


Moving counters, journals, and network resource search areas have been established on the 3rd floor. Comfortable parentchild reading areas are also provided for pre-school children and their parents so that children will grow up happily and develop a love for reading and sharing books. Other library sections include diverse cultural areas and youth reading areas in order to divide readers by age groups. Natural lighting is provided in order to offer a unique atmosphere for reading and relaxation. The open-shelf reading area provides readers with plenty of newly published books for a spiritual-fulfilling experience of joyful reading. The 4th floor is occupied by the library's study rooms and multi-functional conference classrooms, offering a quiet reading environment for public visitors and students.


The recent merger of the county and city government has also led to a diversified range of library services. In order to create a reading environment that facilitates book circulation and cultural sophistication in Greater Tainan, Madou Public Library is delegated as the center of the 4th reading circle (integrating Madou Public Library, Siaying Public Library, Liouying Public Library, Lioujia Public Library, and Guantian Public Library.) Readers serviced by this library are not just restricted to the residents of Madou, but often include those of other districts as well.