District office

Mediation Room

1. Mission:

In order to handle civil disputes and provide legal support, this office has employed individuals who are passionate about social justice. The Mediation Room has a Mediation Committee that is composed of a chairperson, committee members, secretary, and 13 executive members. The Mediation Room works in a just and sincere manner in order to arrive at the best resolution for all parties involved in a civil dispute.

2. Issues mediated:

(1) Civil issues: Traffic disputes, housing, rental, and lease disputes, debt disputes, building disputes, and hui (rotating savings and credit association).
(2) Criminal issues that are indictable only upon complaint: Vehicular accidents and injuries, indecency, familial disruption, and medical disputes.

3. Mediation support:

• Documented support: The parties involved shall personally approach or have a delegate approach the Mediation Committee to obtain a mediation application form, complete the form, and submit it to declare their interest to obtain mediation.
• Verbal request: Where the parties involved are illiterate or have visual, hearing, or speech impediments, the request may be provided to the Mediation Committee in spoken words in order to create a verbal request.

4. Identification and forms required:

(1) Traffic issues: Traffic incident referral form issued by the traffic police, identification and opinions form, personal identification card, and
personal seal
(2) Housing, rent, and lease disputes: Photocopy of the lease contract, personal identification card, and personal seal
• Debt disputes: Promissory notes, check, loan receipts, and other financial documents, personal identification card, and personal seal
• Land disputes: Certificate of land ownership, land registration copy, repeated cadastral survey results, cadastral map, personal identification, and personal seal
• Other disputes: Photocopy of the company registration certificate, major and minor seals, and personal identification of the person-in-charge
• For underaged individuals, the entire household register of the individual and his/her legal representative, parents, or guardians must be provided
• For parties who are under interdiction, the court's ruling for the interdiction must be provided accordingly

5.Service number:

Telephone: 5723448 , Fax: 5714262