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Madougang (Shueikutou, or Madou Harbor) Historical Park

(1) Introduction: Madougang (Madou Harbor) was once one of the many harbors along Taiwan. The site at Shueikutou was constructed using a traditional mixture of sugar water, glutinous rice paste, ash, and sand. The exposed part of the ruins heads east, assuming a downward slope to form a funnel-shaped depression that is about 9.8 meters long, 4.9 meters wide on the west side, 4 meters wide on the east side, with walls on either side measuring 0.6 meters tall and 0.4 meters wide. The entire form appears like the Dansui Dutou (Dansui Ferry) Port, and hence was regarded as the remains of the historical Madou Harbor. The Dragon and Phoenix ponds nearby are places where residents gather for a talk. The Longfongshuei (dragon and phoenix water) at the west side was regarded as the best place to obtain noontime water. Pomelo trees cover the rest of the area. As Shueikutou was famous for being the birthplace of successful and famous people, many people have thus established burial plots in this area, which significantly affected the local landscape. It is believed that once the Madou Shueikutou Historical and Cultural Park has been established, the entire park would take on a refreshing appearance that allow people to relive the prosperity of Old Madou Harbor.
(2) Address: Gouzihcian Section, Madou District, Tainan City (next to Tai-wan Shoufu University)
(3) Telephone: 06-5718088, 5718123

Madougang (Shuikutou, or Madou Harbor) Historical Park
Madougang (Shuikutou, or Madou Harbor) Historical Park