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Lin's Abode

(1) Summary:
The Lin Clan in Madou owns 7 abodes. The one located at Heping Road of Madou District was known as the New 4th Residence and was constructed in the 1st year of Emperor Guangsyu. The Lin Clans of Madou, Wufong, and Banciao were some of the richest families in Taiwan, and were known as the Three Great Lin Clans of Taiwan. With the exception of basic building materials, almost every furnishing and decor of this ancient abode was imported from Fujian Province of China. The most unique feature would be the impressive main doors and the meticulously carved pillars. In 1978, the descendant and owner of the 4th Residence sold the property for reconstruction, demolishing half of the traditional building to make way for modern apartments despite the protest from fellow Clans members. The result was a unique landscape of the halved abode.
The founder of the Lin Clan of Madou was Lin Wun-min who came to Taiwan alone during the 4th year of Emperor Jiacing. Armed with a shoulder pole, Lin worked as a porter and was known for his hardworking nature. He was later involved in the sugar, rice, and grains businesses where he gained his wealth. Lin fathered 8 sons, and constructed his grand abode during the reign of Emperor Daoguang. His residence included three buildings and two courtyards and came to be known as the old 4th Residence. In addition to this abode, Lin also owned other houses such as the 2nd Residence, 3rd Residence, New 4th Residence, 5th Residence, 7th Residence, and 8th Residence. Today, only the 3rd and 8th residences remained largely intact. One can notice obvious signs of repairs and marks of time in the old abode. Although the residence has lost much of its old grandeur, it has served as an important and lasting footprint of the area's historical past.
(2) Address: No. 20, Heping Road, Madou District, Tainan City 

Lin's Abode
Lin's Abode