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Madou Crocodile King

(1) Introduction:Since its founding by Ciou Si-he, Madou Crocodile King has been the subject of many variety shows and is therefore known throughout Taiwan. The park mainly rears crocodiles and other exotic fauna. Currently, 166 species of animals from around the world call this park their home. In addition to the 750 kg giant crocodile, the park is also divided into several areas for amphibians and reptiles, enclosures for three large flightless bird species from around the world, animals with rare mutations, cute animals, aquatic plants, and birds. The most unique animals are the albino monkeys, albino snakes, albino crocodile, albino deer, albino soft-shell turtles, albino minks, featherless chicken, crooked head geese, two-headed turtles, tail-less crocodile, red-faced spoonbill, soft-shell turtles, llamas, cassowary, pelican, bearcat (binturong), sugar glider, green anaconda, and other exotic and rare animal species. Such an impressive menagerie gave rise to the owner's accolade of King of Beasts.
(2) Address: No. 91-1, Siaobeitou, Siaobei Village, Madou District, Tainan City
(3) Opening hours: 8 AM to 5:30 PM (open every day)
(4) Telephone: 06-5702261

Madou Crocodile King
Madou Crocodile King