Introducing the Villages

Andong Village

Area: 0.6822 square kilometers
Neighborhoods: 8
Households: About 238
Population: About 813 individuals
Village Chief's Name: Chien-lin Wu
Telephone: 5710070
Village Officer:Sun Shu-ling
Village Office Address: No. 277-4, Andong Village, Madou District
Village Office Telephone: 5720534

Introduction and history:

Andong Village is located at the south of Madou District. Travelers from Madou heading towards Xigang or Tainan City must pass this Village. Andong Village is bordered by Zengwun River to the east, Zhuanjing Village to the north, Anxi Village to the West, and An'ye Village to the South. Efforts have been made to beautify the village areas to create a neat and tidy settlement. Empty plots were utilized to promote the area of usable green land and provide additional recreational area for the Village residents.
Most villagers farm for a living, growing Wendan Pomelos, avocados, and great white pomelos. Beiji Dian (North Pole Temple), Zheng'an Gong (Zheng'an Temple), and Liu'an Gong (Liu'an Temple) serves as the religious center of the Village.