Introducing the Villages

An'ye Village

Area: 3.2082 square kilometers
Neighborhoods: 10
Households: About 280
Population: About 800 individuals
Village Chief: Yung-ta Li
Telephone: 0921-592695
Village Officer:GAO,AN-CI
Village Office Address: No. 99-1, An'ye Village, Madou District, Tainan City

Introduction and history:

During the Japanese Governor Generalship, An'ye and Anxi Villages were considered the 2nd Bao of An'ye. After World War II, the area was divided into two villages (during the Qing Dynasty and Japanese Governor Generalship, Andong, Anxi, and An'ye Villages were all part of An'ye Zhuang). This settlement was therefore named as An'ye Village.
Jurisdiction: This village is located right next to the road that link Madou to Xigang and Tainan City. The Village is bordered by Zengwun River to the east, Andong Village to the north, and Anxi Village to the west.


Most residents farm for a living, growing Wendan pomelos, avocados, and great white pomelos. Village organizations include An'ye Environment Protection Volunteers and An'ye Community Development Committee.