Introducing the Villages

Anzheng Village

Area: 5.2687 square kilometers
Neighborhoods: 9
Households: About 350
Population: About 1079 individuals
acting Village Chief's Name: Li Jei-huang

Introduction and history:

Village Officer: GAO,AN-CI
Village Office Address: No. 4-1, Anzheng Village, Madou District, Tainan City
Village Office Telephone: 5717901
Introduction and history:
Anzheng Village is within the jurisdiction of An'ye, covering a wide area that includes the settlements of Fangcuoliao, Shezi, Qianban, Budi, Xibu, and the now abandoned Houbanzhouzi (Zhuangshe). Liuguiban (Qianban and Houban) was the first mission university built by the Dutch in Taiwan and served as a military settlement for Prince Zheng Chenggong of Yanping. During the late Ming and early Qing Dynasty, the area was once the most prosperous settlement in Madou. Most residents today farm for a living.