Introducing the Villages

Anjheng Village

Village Chief:Li Sheng-jhong
Village office address: No 4-1 Fangcuoliao (Activity Center)
Office Tel: 06-5717901

Anjheng Village is a large area that includes Fangcuoliao, Shezih, Cianban, Budi, Sibu, and communities that no longer exist: Houban and Jhouzi. Liuguiban (Cianban and Houban) was the location of the first missionary university in Taiwan during the Dutch Colonial Period, and also has the ruins of settlements and land development from the period of Koxinga family rule. During the late Ming and early Qing Dynasties, this was the most prosperous settlement in Madou Community. Fangcuoliao is situated at the southwest corner of Anjheng Village and used to be called Sialiao. In the northern part of Sialiao Community was Shezih, also known as Dingliao. Most of the residents in Fangcuoliao belong to the Fang family.

Agriculture is the main industry here, and produces shaddocks, avocados, and white pomelos. The main temples in the Village include Cianban Jingshan Temple, Shezih Tianhou Temple, Sibu Yong'an Temple, and Fangcuoliao Yong'an Temple. (Source: Tainan County Madou Township oral history records)