Introducing the Villages

Bao'an Village

Area: 0.2305 square kilometers
Neighborhoods: 14
Households: About 229
Population: About 664 individuals
Village Chief: Fu-ting Chuang
Telephone: 0933338387
Village Officer: Jhang Yi-wen
Village Office Address: No. 25, Xingzhong Road, Bao'an Village, Madou District, Tainan City
Village Office Telephone: 5718231

Introduction and history:

Bao'an Village was established in Madou Township in 1945 after the retrocession of Taiwan. As people hoped for everlasting peace, Bao'an (preservation of peace) was selected as the name of the Village. Bao'an Village is located in the heart of Madou District, and is populated by a simple folk who are mostly shopkeepers and traders. Bao'an temple, First Bank, Madou District Farmer's Association, Madou District Fire Department, and Madou Theater are found within this Village.
Baoning Gong (Baoning Temple) located on Xingzhong Road served as the original seats to the Five Great Princes. Because of geographical disruptions, the Five Great Princes were forced to relocate. The Temple was thus moved to Zhuangding Street and renamed as Bao'an Gong. The residents of Madou would organize themselves into bands to pay homage at Nankunshen Temple on the last day of the 3rd Month of the Chinese lunar calendar, and invite the Prince of the Temple to survey the domains of Madou. The Prince will rest overnight at Haipu (The Prince's Flats) before his tour, and would stopover at Bao'an Gong at Madou. Hence, Bao'an Temple is also known as the Temple of the Prince.