Introducing the Villages

Beishi Village

Area: 6.8358 square kilometers
Neighborhoods: 17
Households: About 485
Population: About 1500 individuals
Village chief: Chao-chih Chen
Telephone: 0931-942992
Village Officer:WU,SIOU-SIAN
Village Office Address: No. 17-1, Beishiliao, Beishi Village, Madou District, Tainan City (Sanqia Gong)
Village Office Telephone: 06-5720238

Introduction and history:

Beishi Village is located at the northern tip of Madou District. Because of its large area, people have nicknamed it as the Inner Mongolia of Madou District. To the north would be Datun Village of Xiaying District while Dacheng Village lies to the south. Xilian Village of Xiaying District lies to the east while Gangwei Village is to the west. The entire village was vulnerable to flooding after heavy downpours. Levees around settlements at Dongbianliao and Xibianliao as well as expansion of the Beitou Drainage Channel have significantly improved the flooding problem. Additional plans and initiation of waterworks and Madou Drainage Channel are also expected to solve the Village's flooding problems. Beishi Village covers a large area and is composed of the following hamlets and settlements: Jia'nianbang, Taizizhai, Zengcuo, Licuo, Guogangzai, Wangzumiao, Huweiliao, Dongbianliao, Xibianliao, Sijiaozai, and Jiuguliao. Most residents are engaged in farming, animal rearing, and tending to aquaculture ponds. Most of the farm produce are Wendan pomelos. White pomelos and avocados are also grown in the village. Mailangzhai is known throughout Taiwan for its Wendan pomelos. The fruits were so famous that even the Japanese Emperor issued a certificate of commendation for the growers' efforts. Low-lying fields would be used to grow paddy during spring and summer as well as vegetables during autumn and winter. The animals and fish reared in the village include tilapia, ducks, geese, pigs, and turkey. The rearing of ducks and geese was made possible with the presence of fishponds, creating an interactive ecosystem between fish and animal farmers.