Introducing the Villages

Beishih Village

Village Chief: Chuang Chia-fu
Village office address: No. 29, Jianianbang (Yong'an Temple)
Office Tel: 06-5706779

The South 57 Secondary Road, Madou drainage, and agriculture irrigation canals form the border between Beishih Village and Daji Village (Siaying District) and Gangwei Village (Madou District). Beishih Village is connected to Nanshi Village on the west with Zhongxing South Road as the border, and Pitou Village to the east with the regional drainage/Pitou drainage as the border. Sinsheng North Road is the border between Youche Village and Dacheng Village in the south.

Beishih Village was assigned as the 11th Bao in Madou during the Japanese Occupation Period. After the Recession of Taiwan, the area was still called "Beishihliao", its name during the Qing Dynasty, and thus named Beishih Village. Aquaculture industry is the major trade of local residents who raise tilapia, grass carp, and white shrimp in aqua farms in the north. They also raise geese and ducks. Farmers grow shaddocks and pomelos, and Mailangjhai is where the famous Madou shaddocks originated. Due to ideal geographical conditions, the high quality pomelos grown here are very popular during Mid-Autumn Festival. The main temple of Beishih Village is Sanqia Temple in Beishihliao. Jianianbang Baoji Temple, Yong'an Temple (of the Stone Deity), and Taizihjhai Longyin Temple also have many followers and visitors who come to pray in the temples.