Introducing the Villages

Beitou Village

Area: 1.0371 square kilometers
Neighborhoods: 17
Households: About 544
Population: About 1715 individuals
Village Chief: Kai-tung Li
Telephone: 0922276352
Village Officer:Wu Ruo-yu
Village Office Address: No. 110-1, Beitou, Madou District
Village Office Telephone: 5703607

Introduction and history:

Beitou Settlement was originally called Beitou Gang (Beitou Harbor). During the late Ming and early Qing era, the site was the biggest harbor bay in Daofeng Lagoon of Madou County.
Legend has it that the founding ancestor, Wang Yeh-hsing, followed Prince Zheng Chenggong of Yanping to Taiwan during the reign of Emperor Yongli of the Ming Dynasty. Prince Zheng's army ousted the Dutch settlers in Taiwan and created many settlements. For his deeds, Prince Zheng awarded Wang Yeh-hsing with all the land that he could cover in one day while on horseback. This demesne became known as Beitou She and became a prosperous land for the next three centuries. Many talented people would hail from this village, including many Imperial Examination and martial degree holders who served their country. These talented people thus represented a crowning achievement throughout southern Taiwan. After the retrocession of Taiwan, Beitou remained a home for many talented professionals and visionary leaders who helped to create a better future for the Taiwanese people.