Introducing the Villages

Cingshuei Village

Village Chief:Li Sheng-ping
Village office address: Zongye Community No. 32-1 (Activity Center)
Office Tel: 06-5722718

Cingshuei Village is comprised of Zongrong Village and Longcyuan Village.

The original Zongrong Village is located in the east of Madou District, and was formerly called Zongye Community. Records of this community was first found in the old deeds in 1759 (the 24th year of the reign of Qianlong). Zongye is a title of an official, short for "Lead General". This area may have had some significance to the official. The old deed also indicates that sugar refining was a prosperous industry here. During the Japanese Occupation Period, the Japanese company Meiji Sugar Company also chose the area to establish sugar factories, proving that the sugar industry was indeed an early local industry. The industry has now declined and is replaced by the cultivation of local produce such as shaddocks, white pomelos, and avocados.

The original Longcyuan Village is in the east side of Madou District, with Zengwun River in the south. During the Japanese Occupation Period, it belonged to two communities: Gouzaician and Tudouwang. After the War, it was renamed "Longcyuan Village" because of the temple "Longcyuan Yan". Locals mostly work as farmers and irrigate their avocadoes, shaddocks and white pomelos with Zengwun River water. Their harvest is sold nationwide. Later, to prevent floods caused by the Zengwun River, locals built an east-west dike and the Longcyuan Village water pump station. In the west there is the Provincial Highway 19 and Madou-Shanhua Bridge, which is an important throughway for north-south transportation. The Taisugar sugar railroad in the area is an historical infrastructure.