Introducing the Villages

Dacheng Village

Village Chief:Chen Kun-chou
Village office address: No. 26-2, Datong Street (Activity Center)
Office Tel: 06-5723305

Dacheng Village was assigned as the 12th Bao in Madou during the Japanese Occupation Period, and was then named "Dachengjiao". Located at the center of Madou District, this Village is home to three major public markets (Third, Fourth, and Fifth Market) and many businesses and stores. Shaddock is the main local produce. Dacheng Village, Dongjiao Village, the original Bao'an Village, Jinjiang Village, and Beishih Village jointly established the Madou Community Development Association. The communities often leverage their people and resources to organize events to let residents interact and improve living quality

This Village has the historical Beiji Hall Puji Temple that belongs to the deity Xuan Tian Shang Di to whom many tourists and followers come and pray. The Village has a village office, community care center, Long Term Care Station ("long term care general store") that offers services to the elderly and disadvantaged.