Introducing the Villages

Dacheng Village

Area: 0.7769 square kilometers
Neighborhoods: 18
Households: About 1098
Population: About 3511 individuals
Village Chief: Chen Kun-chou
Telephone: 0972027330
Village Officer: Wang Jin-ruei
Village Office Address: No. 26-2, Datong Street, Madou District, Tainan City
Village Office Telephone: 06-5723305

Introduction and history:

The west border of Dacheng Village would be modern day Pingdeng
Road, with Dacheng Jiao at the east side and Wangzumiao Jiao to the west side. To the south
would be modern day Guangfu Road and Fuxing Street, with the northern and southern streets of
Old Madou Hamlet at the south side of the road and Dacheng Jiao at the north side. Dacheng
Village is located at the center of Madou District, and would be where the three main markets (3rd,
4th and 5th markets) of Madou District as well as many stores and shops are located. Pomelos are
one of the primary farm produce in this area.

Tourist attractions:

Dacheng Village is also home to the ancient Beiji Dian Puji Si (Puji Temple of the North Pole

Introduction to this community:

Dacheng, Dongjiao, Bao'an, Jinjiang, and Beishi villages have established a Madou Community
Development Committee, providing the community with the manpower and resources needed to
host various activities. The function of the Committee is to build links between community
residents and to improve living standards.