Introducing the Villages

Dashan Village

Area: 0.9012 square kilometers
Neighborhoods: 8
Households: About 232
Population: About 708 individuals
Village Chief's Name: Chin-huang Chang
Telephone: 0932560871
Village Officer: Wang Jin-ruei
Village Office Address: No. 212, Dashan Village, Madou District, Tainan City
Village Office Telephone: 06-5704055

Introduction and history:

During the Japanese occupation, Dashan Village was the 3rd Bao under the Beitou jurisdiction, which also included Haipu Village. It was not until the end of the Second World War and subsequent administrative district readjustments that Haipu Village was established as an independent area from Beizaiweizhuang (the hamlet at the end of Beizaiwei). Dashan is largely an agricultural village growing rice, lima beans, and corn. Recent programs have promoted quality agriculture to focus on orchid cultivation. Shihua Orchid Garden and Huigu Orchid Garden are both located in this village, exporting orchid flowers to other countries and bringing in foreign revenue for the state.

Services offered by the Village Office:

1. Implement administrative orders, reflect public opinions, and promote recreational activities in the village.
2. Implement social support and welfare measures such as Poverty Certificate, Co-Residence Certificate, and applications for living subsidies.
3. Helping applicants complete various application forms and documents
4. Distribute relevant notification
5. Help conduct routine meetings in the village