Introducing the Villages

Dongjiao Village

Village Chief: Lin Jhao-wei
Village office address: Village office address: No. 44-1, Jhongsiao Rd. (Activity Center)
Office Tel: 06-5710843

Dongjiao Village was assigned as the 2nd "Bao" (administrative unit, roughly 100 households) in Madou during the Japanese Occupation Period. The Village includes the area between Madou Junior High School and Minsheng Road (east - west), and Madou Junior Elementary School to Jainan Canal (north - south). The main temple, or "Dongjiao", of the Village is the Divine Mother Temple. Those who give alms ("Dingkouqian") to the temple are all descendants of the early Dongjiao area residents. Major settlements in the area include: the Sannianggou Guo family lands, the Ganzhai Guo family lands, the Jiudiantou Li family lands, the police dormitories, Maduo Church, Irrigation Association (Maduo branch office), settlements on the east and west sides of Tongren Street, and the family home of late school teacher Guo A-lin.

The living quality of village residents is quite high, most of them have moved in from other places. The majority work as teachers, police, public officials, employees of government-owned businesses, and business owners. There are a small proportion of farmers and laborers, and the main produce here are shaddocks and pomelos.