Introducing the Villages

Dongjiao Village

Area: 0.8412 square kilometers
Neighborhoods: 15
Households: About 1010
Population: About 3125 individuals
Village Chief: Chao-wei Lin
Telephone: 0933696698
Village Officer:Fang Ying-si
Village Officer's Name: Ying-Hsi Fang
Village Office Address: No. 44-1, Zhongxiao Road, Dongjiao Village, Madou District, Tainan City Village Office Telephone: 5710843

Introduction and history:

The area to the west of Madou Junior High School to Datoulu (Minsheng Road) and to the south of Madou Elementary School to Chianan Irrigation would be known as Dongjiao. Shengmu Miao
(Temple of the Holy Matron) is the district temple. Anyone paying the headcount fee to the Temple would be a descendant of the early Dongjiao settlers.
Major settlements in this Village include: Guo Clan of Sannianggou, Guo Clan of Ganzhai, Li Clan of Jiudiantou, Jingcha Sushe (Police Dorms), Madou Jidu Jiaotang (Christian Church of Madou), Shuilihui Madouqu (Irrigation Association of Madou District), settlements to the East and West sides of Tongren Street, and Master A-lin Kuo's House.
Standards of living are quite high in Dongjiao Village. Many people from other districts and counties also live in the area, including teachers, policemen, civil servants, employees of national enterprises, entrepreneurs, and a small number of farmers and laborers. Most of the farm produce grown here are Wendan and white pomelos.