Introducing the Villages

Gangwei Village

Village Chief:Cai Shu-chou
Village office address: No. 48-2, Gangzaiwei (Activity Center)
Office Tel: 06-5704678

Gangwei Village is located in the northwest corner of Madou District. In the early days, it was a waterside fishing village, at "the end of the harbor", thus named "Gangzaiwei" ("end of the harbor"). This Village includes five communities: Gangzaiwei, Yinghou, Kezailiao, Siebangliao, and Singchenliao.

Yinghou Community residents mostly have Chen as their surname. There is no community temple, but there is one Village deity that was once commonly worshiped by the Chen, Ko, Sun, Hong, Wu, and Huang families. However, the number of worshipers gradually decreased and now the deity is left in a small hall in the outskirts of the community. In its heyday, there were more than three hundred households in the area, but now there are less than ten.

Kezailiao is a Hakka settlement, most of their ancestors were Hakka people from Guangdong. The early settlers wanted to draw water from Zengwun River to the settlement, but the idea was objected by other communities as it would destroy the geological environment. Thus the settlement residents moved elsewhere or married into the Qiu, Zhong, and Yu families. Taizi Temple is their community temple, and Nézhā is worshipped as the community guardian deity. After temple businesses caused conflicts between the Qiu and Zhuang families, the Zhuang family eventually moved to Gangzaiwei Community.

The old Gangzaiwei Community is the present Singchenliao Community. The present Gangzaiwei Community is in outskirts area of the former Singchenliao Community. Located in the center of the five communities, you can find Gang Wei Elementary School and Gangwei Village Community Activity Center. The Community temple is Chaoyin Temple which worships Guan Yin, the guardian deity of the community. The most prominent family here is the Zhuang family, followed by Huang, Lai, Zheng, Lu, and Wang.

All residents in Singchenliao Community can be traced back to the earliest Chen family who settled here. The few exceptions may be the descendants of men who "married into" their wives' family. The Community temple is Bao'an Temple, where the Great Emperor Baosheng is worshipped.

All residents in Siebangliao Community can be traced back to the earliest Sie family. The Community is also known as "Jhuweizai" ("an area marked out with bamboo"), because the original settlers set up bamboo poles around the community. The Community temple is Siezheng Temple, where the famous Eastern Jin Dynasty general "Sie Shih" is worshipped as the guardian deity. Locals mainly work in agriculture and fishing industries. They grow rice and cereal grains in the fields, and raise tilapia and ducks at the fish farms. The Madou District Public Cemetery and Columbarium is in the northwest corner of the Village. The Village has a Community Development Association that includes an environmental protection volunteer team and senior club.