Introducing the Villages

Guxing Village

Area: 0.1521 square kilometers
Neighborhoods: 14
Households: About 296
Population: About 880 individuals
Village Chief: Hung-ming Yang
Telephone: 5722064
Village Officer:Huang Ruei-jhen
Village Office Address: No. 34, Xinghua Street, Madou District
Village Office Telephone: 5722064

Introduction and history:

Guxing Village is located at downtown Madou right next to the market. Although most Madou residents were farmers in the early days, 99% of Guxing residents were engaged in trade and shop keeping. Despite being a very small village, merchants and traders would gather at this place to offer every ware and merchandise. The morning market is extremely boisterous. Residents of Madou interested in acquiring certain goods or agricultural products would make a trip to Guxing Village to purchase what they need. Subsequent industrial and commercial development has established shops everywhere. Despite its geographical limitations, Guxing Village remained as prosperous as ever, with many new high-rise buildings, residences, and new shops opening in the area. Guxing Village has a CPC gas station, Hua Nan Commercial Bank Collaborative Association, Taiwan Business Bank of Tainan Area, and Lin Wen-min Food Plaza.