Introducing the Villages

Jhongsing Village

Village Chief:Wu Jhen-he
Village office address: No. 8-6, Ziyou Road (Jhongsing Singnong Activity Center)
Office Tel: 06-5714001

Jhongsing Village was assigned as the 6th Bao in Madou during the Japanese Occupation Period. The community was then called Caodian Weijiao, and was one of the twelve "jiao's" in Madou Community. One of the earliest developed areas in Madou, this area was named Caodianweidong Village shortly after the Recession of Taiwan, and later renamed as Jhongsing Village. Jhongsing Village's main temple is Lianghuang Temple at Caodian Weijiao where many people go to pray to the Great Emperor Baosheng. Legend has it when Koxinga came to Taiwan, the ancestors of the Wu family (who lives in present Jhongsing Village) also came to Taiwan from Quanzhou, Fujian Province, brought the deity with them to their new family home. More than three hundred years later, the followers in the village suggested gathering donations to build a temple in 1971. The temple for the Great Emperor Baosheng was finally completed in 1973 and named Lianghuang Temple according to the will of the deity.

There are a lot of government agencies in the Village: Madou District Land Administration Office, Madou branch police department, Madou Household Registration Office, and National Tseng-Wen Home Economics and Commerce Vocational High School. The Village is known for its many snack stalls, and also has a community development association, environmental protection volunteer team, Long-Term Care Plan 2.0 - Long term Care Stations (Level C) ("long term care general stores").