Introducing the Villages

Jingdong Village

Village Chief:Wu Jian-lin
Village office address: No.44-5, Anye (Chief's residence)
Office Tel: 06-5710070

Jingdong Village is comprised of Jhuanjing Village and Andong Village.

The original Jhuanjing Village is situated in the southeast area of Madou District. Legend has it that when the Dutch occupied Taiwan, the first well they dug yielded sweet fresh water and consequently, the Dutch kept it for themselves. In the early days, the locals, who are mainly farmers, irrigated the fields with river water from Zengwun River in the south and led a simple life. Later they switched to the famous Madou shaddocks and the full harvests greatly improved the income and lives of fruit farmers. The main place of worship is Cingshuei Temple and Cihsiao Temple. Residents gather in these places to chat and spend time together. There is a large riverside park at Zengwun River where the public can enjoy recreational activities, such as strolling along the pomelo blossom lane. The famous Li Ming High School, which cultivated many professionals for the country, is also located here.

The original Andong Village is in the south of Madou District, and is the gateway to Sigang and Tainan City district. The most prominent family surname here is Li, followed by Lin and Wang. Settlements in the Village include Dajhai, Sihlaobu, Dongshih Dousanjhuang (Jiaotou). Dongshih and Sihlaobu are Li family settlements, while Dajhai is a Wang family settlement. The Dajhai Wang family has long been a very prominent family in the area. The name "Sihlaobu" may have come from the early sugar refinery industry, and was mistaken as "Sihlioubu" at some point. Dongshih is located in the east ("dong") of Kanzaijhuang (Anye), thus named "Dongshih". Andong Community has been promoting the "green environment" concept and keeping the surroundings clean and tidy. They increased vegetation in the area by revitalizing idle spaces. In addition, the community has a romantic pomelo blossom trail for locals to stroll about. The main industry here is agriculture, and produces shaddocks, avocados, and white pomelos. The main temples are Beiji Temple, Jheng'an Temple, and Liou'an Temple.