Introducing the Villages

Jinjiang Village

Area: 0.3042 square kilometers
Neighborhoods: 22
Households: About 940
Population: About 3056 individuals
District Chief: Chih-chiang Jung
Telephone: 0932-829738
Village Officer:LIN,YU-GONG
Office telephone: 06-5728094
Village Office Address: No. 20-1, Minquan Road, Jinjiang Village, Madou District, Tainan City

Introduction and history:

Origin of the name: Jinjiang Village is the area from Datou Road westwards to Houweigou, and starts from Madou Theater at the north and goes southwards to Chianan Irrigation. The entire area was known as Jinjiangzhai Jiao. Area: 30.42 hectares square kilometers
Features: Shuntian Gong serves as the village temple. Major settlements include Qigaiyingpu as well as Lin Clan, Chen Clan, Li Clan, Wu Clan, and Hu Clan of Jinjiangzhai. The Village is densely populated and is home to many talented people that testify towards the blessed geographical location of the region.
Jinjiangzhai Gongcuo (Community Building of Jinjiangzhai) was established in 1951. Village residents would gather in this location for religious rites or gatherings. As the founding ancestors of the settlement were immigrants from Zhangzhou and Quanzhou, the settlement was thus called Jinjiangzhai. In the 3rd Year of Emperor Xianfeng (1853), settlers from China brought with them the holy image of Prince Chi of a Thousand Years from their hometown (Jinjiangzhai, Longshui Town, Jinjiang City, Quanzhou County) for divine protection. For the struggling pioneers, the image of Prince Chi provided much needed spiritual support. Prince Chi also showed many divine miracles, and was authorized by decree of the Jade Emperor to survey the lands on behalf of the Celestial Court. In ages past, when Madou received the Five Great Princes from Nankunshen carrying out their tours, the Princes of Nankunshen must show respect to Prince Chi of Shuntian Gong of Jinjiangzhai and offer him the position of honor. This rite was performed to symbolize the majesty and prestige of Prince Chi among his fellow deities. To date, when the divine pavilions make their tours around Madou, the position of honor is still reserved for Prince Chi as he continues to provide protection for the residents of Madou.