Introducing the Villages

Jinjiang Village

Village Chief: Jung Chih-chiang
Village office address: No. 20-1, Minquan Road
Office Tel: 06-5728094

Jinjiang Village was assigned as the 4th Bao in Madou during the Japanese Occupation Period. This village, also known as "Jinjiang Jhaijiao", covers the area between Datou Road and Houweigou (east - west), and the south drain ditch of Maduo Theatre and Jainan Canal (north - south). In 1853, Chinese settlers brought their guardian deity (Chifu Qinsui) from their hometown to Taiwan. In 1951, Jinjiangzhai gathering hall was established. Settlers from Zhangzhou and Quanzhou moved to Maduo and formed settlements, and named their community "Jinjiangzhai".

Jinjiang Village is located in downtown Madou City, and is famous for its food. The Jainan Canal trail is a perfect place for residents to exercise and enjoy recreational activities. The village's main temple is Shuntian Temple. It is the center of worship for village residents, and also a place for gatherings and religious rites. Jinjiang Village has a community care center with volunteers to serve the public. The center often organizes health lectures and different craft and art courses. It is an excellent place in Maduo District for elderly residents and all locals to gather and interact with each other.