Introducing the Villages

Liaob Village

Area: 4.0470 square kilometers
Neighborhoods: 20
Households: About 611
Population: About 2001 individuals
Village Chief: Fa-chiang Chen
Telephone: 5710110
Village Officer: Li Rong-jie
Village Office Address: No. 3, Liaobu Village
Village Office Telephone: 5722192

Introduction and history:

Liaozibu is the old name for the indigenous settlement of the Pingpu People in this area. During the Qing Dynasty, Liaobu Village was a hamlet under Madoubaoliao. In terms of administrative hierarchy, Liaobu Village eventually became a part of the Madou Shicho of Yanshueigang Cho. It was later renamed as the 6th and 7th Bao, Gouziqian Madou street in Zengwen ken. The region was then renamed as Liaobu Village and Liaozaibu District. The area of jurisdiction includes the hamlets of Liaozaibu Zhuang (which include Xidiliao Zhuang), Gouzaiqian Zhuang (which includes Tsung-Yeh Zhuang), and Xi Zhuang (which includes Dong Zhuang, Wayao Zhuang, Fanzaitian Zhuang, and Sanjieyi Zhuang).

During the early Qing Dynasty, the first settlers arriving at Liaozibu began growing sugar cane, shipping a stone grinder all the way from Tangshan for the sugar industry. As the sugar plantation included many caoliao (straw huts), the area was thus known as Liaozibu. At its height, the area included seven sugar plants that included Ganzhai Bu, Pucheng Bu, Gongguan Bu, and Huoshao Bu.