Introducing the Villages

Liaobu Village

Village Chief:Chen Fa-ciang
Village office address: No.3, Liaozibu (Hu'an Temple)
Office Tel: 06-5722192

During the early Qing Dynasty, Liaobu Village was known as Madoubau and belonged to the Liaozibu area of Madou Branch Prefecture, Yanshui Port Prefecture. It was later reassigned as the Madou Street Gouziqi 6th and 7th Baos in Zengwen region, Tainan Prefecture. Eventually the administration area was named Liaobu Village.

Near the beginning of Qing Dynasty, the people settled down in Liaozibu and started to grow sugar canes. They brought grinding mills from China to start sugar refining businesses. This is also where the name "Liaozibu" comes from ("liao": grass shacks; "bu": sugar making area). Now the residents mostly grow shaddocks and water chestnuts. Hu'an Temple and Dongyue Temple are popular temples in the Village. Dongyue Temple is the temple of Emperor Dongyue, and Hu'an is the temple of The Lady of the Heavens. Marshal Zhao and General Li Bo-yao can also be found in the back halls of Hu'an Temple. The Songjiang Battle Array performed in the Village is a crucial element the Wuwang Temple Procession.