Introducing the Villages

Longquan Village

Area: 2.1895 square kilometers
Neighborhoods: 10
Households: About 290
Population: About 950 individuals
Village Chief: I-piao Wang
Telephone: 0918115722
Village Officer: Fang Ying-si
Village Office Address: No. 20, Gouziqian, Longquan Village, Madou District
Village Office Telephone: 572-2710

Introduction and history:

Longquan Village is located to the east of Madou District and is bordered by Zengwun River to the south. During the Japanese Occupation, the area included the two hamlets of Gouzaiqian and Tudouwang. After the Second World War ended, the village was renamed Longquan Village after the village temple of Longquan Yan. Residents of Longquan are a simple rustic folk engaged in farming, using the waters of Zengwun River to irrigate their orchards of avocado, Wendan pomelo, and white pomelo trees. The harvested fruits are then sold throughout Taiwan. With industrial and commercial developments, levees along the eastern and western banks as well as Longquan Village water pump station were constructed to mitigate the flooding of Zengwun River. Taiwan 19 expressway located to the west is where Mashan Bridge is located. The expressway serves as a key route for northbound and southbound traffic. The small Taiwan Sugar Corporation train station located in the village has been delegated as a historical landmark, while Longquan Yan serves as the local center of faith.