Introducing the Villages

Makou Village

Village Chief:Jhong Huei-cin
Village office address: No. 54-6, Madoukou (Activity Center)
Office Tel: 06-5702059

Makou Village has two communities: Madoukou and Fanzailiao. The Village, which borders Zilong Village of Jiali at the west corner, is located at the entry of Jialising and Madou Communities, and the spot was commonly known as "Madoukou". The old Madoukou Community was approximately at the location of present Binghan Building. The earliest settlers may have been the Li family. It is said that the deity "Madoukou Wang Ye" was also invited to and worshipped in the Community by the Li family ancestors. Prominent local families include the Huangs, Shengs, Chens, and Kaos. The main temple is Bao'an Temple, which is the temple of the Five Wangye Plague Gods. Shuixian Temple at Binghan Building is the temple of Shuixian Zunwang. It is very popular and has many visitors and worshippers. Fanzailiao Community was originally the settlement of the Taiwanese Plains Indigenous Peoples, and the three major families here are Chen, Yang, and Zeng. In the old days, there were more than two hundred households, now there are less than a hundred.

The main temple here is Chaotian Temple, the temple of The Lady of the Heavens and Nezha. Large companies are gradually moving into the Madou Industrial Zone which is located in this Village. This increases job opportunities in the Madou District region. The Village has a Community Development Association that includes an environmental protection volunteer team and senior club. The Village is also famous for producing the highest quality Madou white pomelos; and Fanzailiao Community is famous for its scallions.