Introducing the Villages

Nanshi Village

Area: 3.9895 square kilometers
Neighborhoods: 27
Households: About 910
Population: About 2810 individuals
Village Chief's Name: Chun tein chuen
Telephone: 0932984812
Village Officer: SYUE,MIN-HAO
Village Office Address: No. 36-204, Nanshi, Nanshi Village, Madou District
Village Office Telephone:

Introduction and history:

Nanshi Village is located at the southeastern side of Madou District, and is home to many schools such as Taiwan Shoufu University, National Tseng-Wen Senior Agricultural & Industrial Vocational School, Madou Junior High School, Wen Cheng Elementary School, and Tsung-Yeh Elementary School. This Village is also home to many temples, such as Madou Daitian Fu, Madou Wenheng Dian, Yongjing Si, Baoji Si, and Nanshi Bao'an Gong. The Nan-Ying Zong-Yeh Arts and Cultural Center also serves as a tourist attraction in this village.
Most residents are farmers growing Wendan pomelos, white pomelos, and avocados. The produce of this area are of excellent quality, attracting tens of thousands of tourists every year hoping to catch some of the wondrous local sights and acquire some local produce.