Introducing the Villages

Nanshih Village

Village Chief:Chen Tian-cheng
Village office address: No. 36-204, Nanshih (Activity Center)
Office Tel: 0932-984-812

Nanshih Village was assigned as the 3rd and 4th Bao's of Gouziqian (which was called Guandi Temple and Nanshih, respectively) during the Japanese Occupation Period. After the Recession of Taiwan, the area was named Nanshih after the local Nanshih Community. The main produce here are shaddocks, pomelos, and avocados, and the high-quality fruit grown here attract millions of tourists to the Village for tourism and shopping.

There are many schools in Nanshih Village, including Taiwan Shoufu University, National Tseng-Wen Senior Agricultural & Industrial Vocational School, Tainan Municipal Madou Junior High School, and Wenzheng Elementary School. There are also many temples: Madou Dai Tian Temple, Madou Wen Heng Dian, Yongjing Temple, and Baoji Temple. The main temple here is Bao'an Temple. Zongye Culture & Arts Center and Madou Old Port Cultural Park are popular tourist spots. Zongye Culture & Arts Center was originally a sugar refinery and office building that belonged to the Japanese Meiji Sugar Company. The refinery ran from January, 1912 to 1993. The Red Zongye Office Building, refinery director's dormitory, guest house, red brick employee restaurant, Japanese garden, and hundred-year-old camphor trees that were preserved are all listed as city historic sites. The old locomotives and refinery grinding stones were all preserved as well. At Madou Old Port Cultural Park, you can find the ruins of old Madou port in Daofeng lagoon. It witnessed Madou Port reach its height of prosperity in the 19th century and is said to be the birthplace of kings/leaders. (Source: Zongye Culture & Arts Center website)