Introducing the Villages

Pitou Village

Village Chief:Li Kai-tong
Village office address: No. 110-1, Pitou (Activity Center)
Office Tel: 06-5703607

Pitou Village is comprised of the original Pitou Village and Siaopi Village.

The original Pitou Village is actually Pitou Community, then known as Pitou Port. It was a major port in Daofeng lagoon during the late Ming and early Qing Dynasties. Legend has it the first settler Wang Ye-xing came to Taiwan with Koxinga during the Ming Dynasty and helped Koxinga defeat the Dutch. To show his gratitude, Koxinga allowed Wang to have all the land he could cover within a day on horseback. This area is the present Pitou Community. So far it has over 300 years of history and (still) is the hometown of many famous and talented people. Yong'an Temple in this Village is the temple of the Third Wang Ye. It is said the statue was brought over from China in 1716 by Wang himself. The temple underwent renovations in 1919, 1951, and 1962. In 1975, the residents donated and built a brand new temple.

The former Siaopi Village included three small communities: Siaopitou, Siapitou, and Lingzailin. In 1920, it belonged to Madou Street Pitouguan 1st and 2nd Baos. Small boats sailed to and from the river port (later called Pitou Port) between Siaopitou Community and Dapitou Community and Taiwan Strait. Siaopitou Community is located on the eastern corner of Pitou Port, and was originally called Guogang. The older generations sometimes still call the place "Guogang-ah". The depression and pond in front of Pu'an Temple mark the ruins of former Pitou Port. In the northern corner between Madou Community and Siaopitou Community is the upstream alluvial plain of Jiangjun River which gradually formed a wide swamp zone in the northern upstream area of Siaopitou Community. During the Japanese Occupation Period, many flood control plans were conducted, and the swamps were converted into farmlands. (Source: Tainan County Qing Dynasty Guangxu Emperor Period Map)

The downstream area of Jiangjun River is narrow, thus during and after storms, the northern area of the community and Pitou Port would flood. Consequently, houses and buildings in Siaopitou Community had to be built on elevated grounds to avoid damage, and now this has become a signature scene of Siaopitou Community. The present water level in the large drainage pipes usually are still at sea level. Shih, Liu, Chen, Lin, Xu, and Liang are some of the large families that have settled in Siaopitou community. The Shih family was the first to settle here from Jinjiang and Nan'an, Fujian Province, China. Many followers come and pray in the Village's Pu'an Temple. Putian Temple is the temple of Lord Pu'an. One of the most famous snacks in the Village is Madou savory rice pudding (wa-gui).