Introducing the Villages

Siecuoliao Village

Village Chief:Jiang Mao-sheng
Village office address: No. 53, Siecuoliao (Ji'an Temple)
Office Tel: 06-5729436

Siecuoliao Village is comprised of Sie'an Village and Jhongmin Village.

The original Sie'an Village is located in the southern part of Madou District. It is the gateway to Sigang and Tainan City. To the east is the Zengwun River, with settlements such as Houbiliao and Shanliaozih. The original settlers came from Anxi County, Fujian Province. Most of the locals are farmers who grow shaddocks, avocados, white pomelos, rice, and cereal grains. Local shaddocks are extremely popular due to their high quality. The price for the fruit has increased in recent years, thus increasing local farmers' income as well. The main temples in the Village are Ji'an Temple and Puhe Temple. Ji'an Temple was built by the decedents of the Sie family to honor the famous Eastern Jin dynasty general Sie An. Over half of the locals can trace their ancestry back to the Sie family and all share the surname "Sie”. Jian Elementary School in Sie'an Village is well known for their lion dance group and handball team which has performed very well in many competitions.

The original Jhongmin Village was located on the west side of Sie’an Village. It is connected to Houying Village and Shelin Village of Sigang District. The early ancestors of the residents were from Siecuoliao, therefore they share similar customs and lifestyles with Sie’an Village. Settlements here include Huweiliao and Yuanzihding.