Introducing the Villages

Singnong Village

Village Chief:Sun Shih Siou-lan
Village office address: No. 6-3, Chenggong Street (Nanqing Temple)
Office Tel: 06-5726621

Singnong Village was assigned as the 7th and 8th (present Sinjian Village) Baos in Madou during the Japanese Occupation Period. The two areas were jointly known as Caodianwei. After the Recession of Taiwan, the areas were reorganized as Singnong Village. The simple and hardworking residents in this Village mainly grow vegetables for a living, thus there are many irrigation devices (which operates according to the lever principle) set up here for farmers to water their crops. During the war, air bombers thought these devices were anti-aircraft guns and the area was heavily attacked. Miraculously, no one was hurt. Today, only three of these devices still exist.

In earlier times when you walk through the alleys of Caodianwei, you will see rows of large wood barrels and smell a salty scent in the air. These are the famous "salted vegetables lanes" in the area. In the past, rows of barrels were a common sight, but now there are only one or two households making salted vegetables this way. In fact, the scene may disappear soon. Now the remaining barrels are stored at Peiwun Elementary School. The Village has a community development association which includes an environmental protection volunteer team and community care center.