Introducing the Villages

Sinsing Village

Village Chief:Wang Sin-tain
Village office address: No. 165-2, Jhongshan Road (Chief's residence)
Office Tel: 06-5722430

Sinsing Village is comprised of Sinjian Village and Gusing Village.

The original Sinjian Village was located on the west rim of the old Madou city. In addition to many local specialty snacks, the area also has a lot of historical buildings. The Electric Princess House is one of the famous historical buildings which attract many visitors. Places of worship include Huji Temple, Wanfu Temple, and a Catholic church.

The original Gusing Village was assigned as Madou 1st Bao during the Japanese Occupation Period, and the original Sinjian Village was Madou 8th Bao. The Village is situated at the east side of Madou Interchange on National Highway No. 1, and is the gateway to Madou City. Recently the city government assigned Madou Farmers' Market as the city bus and national highway coach transfer station, giving the Village a more important role in the regional and national transportation network. Located on the west rim of Madou City, it is a narrow area with a high population. There are many businesses on Jhongshan Road and Sanmin Road; and among the many food stalls, savory rice pudding (wa-gui) is the most famous and a must-try for visitors.