Introducing the Villages

Xiangkou Village

Area: 0.4264 square kilometers
Neighborhoods: 11
Households: About 648
Population: About 1851 individuals
Village Chief: Hsin-che Chuang
Telephone: 0937570783
Village Officer: Jhang Yi-wen
Village Office Address: No. 3, Madou District, Tainan City
Village Office Telephone: 5725624

Introduction and history:

The development of Madou started from Beijiao (Houyuchao Settlement), followed by Dongjiao (Shier Road), Xijiao (Caodianwei), and Nanjiao (Xiangkou). These would be known as the four corners of Madou Settlement. Xiangkoujiao starts from Houweigou, stretching west to Zhongxiangzai Road (east of Sanmin Road), and starts from the old train station and Madou District Land Office in the north and heads southward to the Sugar Plant Railway. Qing'an Gong (Qing'an Temple) serves as the Village Temple. The major settlements of Xiangkoujiao included Ke Cuo, Guo Cuo, and Li Cuo, with the area of jurisdiction covering the entirety of modern Xiangkou Village and a number of settlements of Zhongxing Village. The namesake of Xiangkou Village is derived from the fact that most of the houses were built at the street intersection (Xiangkou). Given that Xiangkou Village is located at the center of Madou, most of public agencies and buildings have been built here as well.
This includes Madou District Health Center, Chunghwa Telecom at Madou, Madou Post Office, Madou Service Station of Taiwan Power Company, and Madou Cultural Building (1st floor being the cultural museum, while the 3rd and 4th floors serve as the library), Madou District Senior Citizens' Activity Center (management of this agency has been delegated to the Madou District Senior Citizen's Welfare Promotion Association by the District Office). This Village has well-organized public service teams, which include: 1. Environmental cleanliness volunteers responsible for maintaining street cleanliness; 2. Xiangkou Village Care Station and Hands-on Volunteers to support underprivileged families; and 3. Xiangkou Community Development Committee established to improve the physical and mental health of Village residents. Qing'an Gong is the Village Temple and serves as the seat of Zhongtan Yuanshuai (Marshal Nezha of the Central Altar). The great fig tree in front of the temple gates serve as a place where villagers can enjoy the shade or talk to each other. The folk cultural parade formation - Taiping Qingge (Song of the Great Peace) - was composed by Zheng Yuan. Woodwind, pipes, and lyre were gathered to provide a unique melody that symbolizes the essences of traditional Chinese music. Madou's Xiangkou Taiping Qingge was a folk cultural parade established by the gentry elites of Xiangkoujiao in 1917 in response to the popularity of Madou Shiba Yao parade (also known as Ying'an Yi - the parade to welcome the night).