Introducing the Villages

Xiaobei Village

Area: 2.1803 hectares square kilometers
Neighborhoods: 10
Households: About 370
Population: About individuals
Village Chief: Yu-yun Lin
Telephone: 0916-772151
Village Officer:LIN,YU-GONG
Address: No. 56-2, 8th Neighborhood, Xiaobei Village, Madou District, Tainan City

Introduction and history:

The jurisdiction of Xiaobei Village includes the three hamlets of Xiaobeitou, Xiabeitou, and Lingzilin. In 1920 (9th Year of Emperor Taisho) during the Japanese Governor Generalship, Xiaobei Village was named as the 1st Bao of the Madou Street and Beitou Area. The river channel between Xiaobeitou and Dabeitou hamlets permitted the navigation of small vessels to and from the Taiwan Strait, giving rise to its other name of Beitougang (Beitou Harbor). The hamlet of Xiaobeitou is located at the eastern corner of Beitou Harbor and was originally named Guogang (past the harbor). Some senior folk still called the place Guogangzai. The wetlands and pond in front of Pu'an Si (Pu'an Temple) would be the original location of Beitou Harbor.
The area between Madou Zhuang She to Xiaobeitou Zhuang along the northern corner is part of the alluvial plains upstream of Jiangjyun River. Water pockets once covered the area upstream and towards the north of Xiaobeitou Zhuang. As years past, the water pockets gradually turned to wetlands. These wetlands and swamps disappeared as the Japanese Governor Generalship constructed waterworks and channels, turning the area into farmlands. Refer to the Map of Tainan County during the Reign of Emperor Guangxu of the Qing Dynasty The river channel of Jiangjyun River becomes narrower downstream. During heavy downpours, the northern corner of this hamlet as well as Beitou Harbor would become flooded. Hence, housing and buildings must be elevated to prevent flooding. These elevated buildings have thus become a feature of Xiaobeitou Zhuang. The modern large drainage channel helps to keep the water level stable throughout the year.
The Shih, Liu, Chen, Lin, hsu, and Liang clans resided in Xiaobeitou Zhuang for nearly one hundred years. Of which, the Shih clan from Jinjiang and Nan'an counties of Fujian Province in China were the first to arrive.