Introducing the Villages

Xie'an Village

Area: 2.3508 square kilometers
Neighborhoods: 9
Households: About 337
Population: About 1100 individuals
Village Chief: Te-tao Hsieh
Telephone: 0933674696
Village Officer:Wu Ruo-yu
Village Office Address: No. 53, Xie'an Village, Madou District
Village Office Telephone: 572-9436

Introduction and history:

Xie'an Village is located at the south side of Madou District. Travelers from Madou heading to Sigang or Tainan City must travel through Zhongmin Village. The Village is bordered by Zengwun River to the east, Anxi and Andong villages to the north, Anzheng Village to the west, and Zhongmin Village to the south. Most of the residents are simple and hardworking farmers growing wendan pomelos, avocados, great white pomelos, and paddy. Wendan pomelos have become immensely popular in recent years, enjoying significant improvements to quality as well as sales price. Ji'an Gong (Ji'an Temple) is the village temple, and was built by the descendants of the Xie an in order to commemorate the famous general Xie An from the Eastern Jin dynasty. Most of the local residents were members of the Xie an as well. Ji'an Elementary School dancing lion troupe from this village is also extremely famous. The school is also famous for its handball team, and has achieved great performance in various games throughout the entire province.