Introducing the Villages

Xingnong Village

Area: 0.9542 square kilometers
Neighborhoods: 11
Households: About 575
Population: About 1941 individuals
Village Chief: Chien-chin Shih
Telephone: 0931798255
Village Officer: Li Rong-jie
Village Office Address: No. 146, Xinsheng South Road, Xingnong Village
Village Office Telephone: 5724630

Introduction and history:

Xingnong Village used to be the 7th and 8th Bao (modern down Xinjianli) during the Japanese Governor Generalship, and was known as Caodianwei. After the retrocession of Taiwan, adjustments to administrative units established this area as Xingnong Village, which is populated by a simple and hardworking folk. Since the entire village is involved in vegetable farming, water cranes were built to irrigate the fields. During the Second World War, allied bombers mistakenly believed these tools to be anti-aircraft artillery, and thus implemented bombing runs of the area. Nobody was hurt in the process, and this incident eventually became a legendary tale. Only three of these water cranes are left. Visitors heading into the alleys of Caodianwei could see giant wooden casks and catch a whiff of salty pickles in the air. These wooden contraptions are traditional pickling casks that are now rarely used. Back in the old days, this entire area was completely lined with large pickling casks. Only one or two remain in the whole town today, and these are destined to become part of our memories eventually. A dozen pickling casks have also been placed next to the sports Plaza of Pei Wen Elementary School, making the site worth a visit as well.