Introducing the Villages

Xinjian Village

Area: 0.2074 square kilometers
Neighborhoods: 10
Households: About 480
Population: About 1500 individuals
Village Chief: Hsin-tien Wang
Telephone: 0928-371155
Village Officer:WU,SIOU-SIAN
Village Office Address: No. 165-2, Zhongshan Road, Xinjian Village, Madou District, Tainan City
Village Office Telephone: 5722430

Introduction and history:

Xinjian Village is located on the east side of the highway interchange and is thus located at the hub of northbound or southbound travelers. Tainan City Government has made extensive plans to transform Madou Produce Market into a bus interchange for city and national routes, making the village a critical area in terms of traffic planning. However, the bus transfer station is expected to disrupt traffic at Majia Road and Zhongshan Road. The Tainan City Government team under Mayor Lai is drawing up plans to solve this issue. This small but densely populated village is located at the western edge of downtown Madou. Most of the land is used for commerce and residences. Zhongshan Road and Sanmin Road are flanked by numerous shops and eateries, of which Wan-guo Lanzai is the most famous. Visitors to Madou will often stop by to try Wan-guo (steamed rice pudding in a bowl) prepared by the store. The McDonald's at Madou is located at the intersection of Zhongshan Road and Sanmin Road. The massive M shaped symbol serves as the most distinct landmark for travelers looking for directions.
A small number of village residents grow Wendan pomelos, avocados, and white pomelos in the surrounding fields at Xiaobei, Nanshi, and An'ye villages. During the pomelo harvesting season, farmers and traders dealing in pomelos could be seen everywhere along the entire Zhongshan Road and Majia Road. This rush of pomelos is yet another unique feature of this Village.