Introducing the Villages

Youche Village

Area: 0.7744 square kilometers
Neighborhoods: 22
Households: About 1391
Population: About 3489 individuals
Village chief: Fu-chun Shih
Telephone: 0938762195
Village Officer:Huang Ruei-jhen
Village Office Address: Intersection of Ziyou Road and Xinxing Street of Madou District
Village Office Telephone: 5712437

Introduction and history:

Youche Village used to be the 9th and 10th Bao during the Japanese Governor Generalship. After the retrocession of Taiwan, the region was named as Youche (oil cart) as there is a sesame oil cart near the Mazu Temple for manufacturing sesame seed oil. Taizi Gong (Temple of the Prince) at the intersection of Youche Village serves as the Village Temple. The villagers are a simple and rustic folk, while the village itself offers a serene and unpolluted environment. Many villagers tend to pomelo trees first planted by their ancestors. Some have grown even more pomelo trees in their front or rear courtyards. In fact, pomelo trees everywhere will greet visitors to Youche Village. Most of the pomelos are of the Wendan and Great White pomelo varieties. The fruits here are of high quality due to the land's properties. Pomelo gourmands would in fact compete with each other to make orders as early as possible to secure their share of the harvest.