Introducing the Villages

Youche Village

Village Chief: Shih Fu-chun
Village office address: Youche No. 95 (Activity Center)
Office Tel: 06-5712437

Youche Village was assigned as the 9th and 10th Baos in Madou during the Japanese Occupation Period. After the Recession of Taiwan, there were sesame oil mills producing sesame oil near the Mazu Temple, thus the area was named "Youche" ("oil mill"). The residential buildings in the Village are mostly connected multi-story houses. Locals plant shaddocks and pomelos in the abundant open spaces. Due to the excellent geographical conditions, the area produces high quality pomelos which are extremely popular near Mid-Autumn Festival.

The main temple of Youche Village is Taishi Temple at Shezi Road corner. Renhou Temple has a lot of followers praying there and visitors throng to see the ancient wells in the front and back of the temple have more than three hundred years of history. The elegant historical house in front of Shengwang Temple is carefully preserved by the family; and the old houses at No.12 and 13 have also stood there for more than a hundred years. The village has a community development association that operates out of Youche Village Activity Center. It includes a team of environmental protection volunteers, community patrol group, and a community care station.