Introducing the Villages

Zhongmin Village

Area: 2.0489 square kilometers
Neighborhoods: 11
Households: About 308
Population: About 1026 individuals
Village Chief's Name: Mao-sheng Chiang
Telephone: (06) 5717111, 0921941291
Village Officer: Sie Ruei-wen
Village Office Address: No. 53, Hsieh'an Village, Madou District, Tainan City
Village Office Telephone: 5729436

Introduction and history:

Zhongmin Village is located at the south of Madou District. Travelers from Madou must travel through Zhongmin Village in order to reach Xigang or Tainan City. The Village is bordered by Zengwun River at the east, Hsieh'an Village to the north, and Anzheng Village to the West. Settlements include Huweiliao, Shanliaozi, and Yuanziding. The first settlers of this Village hailed from Annan County of Fujian Province. Ji'an Gong (Ji'an Temple) serves as the religious center of the area. Most village residents farm for a living, growing Wendan Pomelos, avocados, great white pomelos, rice, and other grains.