Introducing the Villages

Zhongxing Village

Area: 0.3042 square kilometers
Neighborhoods: 18
Households: About 790
Population: About 2452 individuals
Village Chief: Chen-ho Wu
Telephone: 5715876 0916850299
Village Officer:Wu Shu-yun
Village Office Address: No. 8-6, Ziyou Road, Zhongxing Village, Madou District
Village Office Telephone: 5714001

Introduction and history:

Zhongxing Village is next to Xingnong Village. Many Madou District public agency buildings are located within the village premises, which include the Madou Land Office, Madou Dispatch Office, Madou Household Registration Office, and National Tseng-Wen Senior Home Economics & Commercial Vocational High School. The village also includes numerous dessert shops that serve as a unique feature of the region.
The village pays homage to Baosheng Dadi (Life Protection Emperor) seated at Lianghuang Gong (Temple of the Benevolent Emperor). The Temple plaza also serves as a recreational center for the residents.