Introducing the Villages

Zhuangli Village

Area: 1.0648 square kilometers
Neighborhoods: 10
Households: About 219
Population: About 607 individuals
Village Chief's Name: Wang-hua Chen
Telephone: 0933612561
Village Officer:Cai Ching-yu
Village Office Address: No. 54, Zhuangliliao, Zhuangli Village, Madou District
Village Office Telephone: 5701553

Introduction and history:

After 1946, the two hamlets of Zhuangliliao and Congzailiao were combined to form a single Zhuangli Village (named after Zhuangliliao). The area of jurisdiction of Zhuangli Village includes two hamlets of Zhuangliliao and Congzailiao. Zhuangliliao is a settlement of the Zhuang clan, with members descended from the Main Chamber of Jinxiutang (Hall of Jinxiu) of Yingding. Congzailiao is a settlement of the Zhuang and Huang clans, with members of the Zhuang clan moving to this place from Zhuangliliao while the Huang clan members were migrants from Tanzaiqian of Jialixing. Zhuangliliao was named after a founding ancestor named Zhuang Li, who was born in the 5th Year of Emperor Qianlong and died after having lived for 81 years during the 25th Year of Emperor Jiaqing. A number of descendants of Zhuang Li still lives in the area around Zhuangli Village. Most, however, have settled at Congzailiao.
Congzailiao is situated at the south of Zhuangliliao hamlet, and was founded by a scallion farmer named Huang Qian during the last years of Emperor Qianlong. Huang originally hailed from the settlement of Jialixing and came to the southern edge Zhuangliliao to grow his crop, building the very foundations of the new settlement.
Since ancient times, the residents of Zhuangli Village believed in Taoist deities. Residents from both Zhuangli Village and Congzailiao hamlet recognized Prince Li of a Thousand Years as their guardian god, with residents from both villages taking turns in accommodating the Prince's censer. In 1978, Congzailiao built Zhen'an Gong (Temple of Zhen'an). Two years later in 1981, the residents of Zhuangliliao also constructed Xin'an Gong (Temple of Xin'an). Both temples serve as seats to Prince Li of a Thousand Years in their respective villages.