Introducing the Villages

Zhuanjing Village

Area: 1.7654 square kilometers
Neighborhoods: 14
Households: About 440
Population: About 1500 individuals
Village Chief's Name: Yu-hui Chen
Telephone: 0929680730
Village Officer: Sie Ruei-wen
Village Office Address: No. 31-1, Zhuanjing Village, Madou District
Village Office Telephone: 5722708

Introduction and history:

Zhuanjing (brick well) Village is situated at the southeastern corner of Madou District. It was said that the first well dug by the Dutch gave them sweet refreshing water, which became their exclusive property. The Village is bordered by Zengwun River to the south, and most villagers are rustic farmers who irrigate their fields with water from the river. Most farmers eventually began planting orchards of the famous Madou Wendan pomelos. These bountiful harvests have greatly improved local economy and created a joyful and well-earned prosperity.
Qingshui Dian (Qingshui Temple) serves as the religious center and a place where village residents gather, discuss problems, exchange opinions, and have delightful conversations with each other. Large riverside parks furnished with sport facilities have been established along Zengwun River, allowing people to take leisurely walks and appreciate the blooming flowers. The Village is also home to Li Ming High School, an academic institution famous throughout Taiwan as the alma mater to many leading professionals in our country.