Introducing the Villages

Zongrong Village

Area: 1.2307 square kilometers
Neighborhoods: 10
Households: About 255
Population: About 834 individuals
Village Chief: Mei-chu Huang
Telephone: 5725715
Village Officer: Sun Shu-ling
Village Office Address: No. 32, Zongrong Village, Madou District
Village Office Telephone: 572-2718

Introduction and history:

Zongrong Village is located on the east side of Madou District. The village was once called Tsung-Yeh Zhuang, a name which can be traced back to an old contractual deal written in the 24th Year of Emperor Qianlong. Tsung-Yeh is an official title, and is an abbreviation of the Zongbingye of Taiwan Zhen (Colonel of the Taiwan Garrison). Hence, the region should be somewhat tied to the Colonel in the region.

Contents of the ancient contractual deal revealed the area to be parceled land with extensive sugar plantations and refineries. During the Japanese Governor Generalship, Meiji Sugar Company also chose to establish sugar manufacturing sites in this area. Sugar production was once one of the key industries in this area. As sugar industry dwindled, the sugarcane fields were gradually replaced by orchards growing Wendan pomelos, white pomelos, and avocados instead.